Modern engineering solutions in the field of information technology and modular systems

DCMS company has been created in order to provide high-quality services to demanding consumers of telecommunication solutions and engineering complexes. Starting from aiding in composing statements of work, and providing further consultations and step-by-step aid during development, we help our customers to create unique products, capable to solve required tasks under any challenging conditions, while being easy to use, comprehensible, scalable and upgradable.

The Company offers a wide range of services, that can be split into two main fields:

Engineering Infrastructure  – Development, testing, production, delivery, setup, upgrading and maintenance of high-tech equipment: data centers, hardware complexes, engineering systems, telecommunication equipment and data storage and processing systems.

Information Services – Development, provision, support, optimization, licensing and outsourcing of IT services: data transfer and protection, hardware and software, data storage and processing.


Our production facility is located in an area exceeding 6000 square meters and is equipped with state-of-the-art precision lathes and machines. Versatility of equipment allows to easily change its settings and the whole production cycle according to each individual project or task. In order to handle large units we use a jib equipped with two hoists with carrying capacity of 40 tons each. For installation, testing and setting up of equipment and components requiring special environmental conditions we use our own “clean room”. All products undergo verification in testing labs, using the best testing equipment available. A loading platform has been arranged for dispatching of finished products, allowing to perform unhampered loading of heavy trucks.

DCMS focuses greatly on research activities. Areas of such activities vary greatly: from development of microelectronics to new technologies in production and process management. Based on our own research we create know-hows, by means of which we obtain solutions which, while being advanced, are, at the same time, proven by our own experience. By conducting research we analyze global development experience in the field of our study, conduct experiments, synthesize existing solutions and gain new ideas which are further processed by experts in various fields.




  • The Company specializes in “custom fit” solutions, which may also be called “tailor made”. We do not offer serial solutions that may more or less satisfy an “average” customer – we do not treat our customers as such. We create a product, considering wishes of the real customer, who will operate it under real life conditions using real staff and materials. Existing basic platforms, which we use for our solutions, are supplemented with an engineering complex, developed according to our client’s preferences, on a “meccano” principle – by supplementing the complex with custom components. As a result you get an easy and comprehensive product which will be handy to operate.
  • Prior to start of production we are willing to consult our customers and present them with a digital prototype of the future product for better understanding of the final result.
  • All products are drafted in 3D CAD environment, efficiency of all solutions can be verified using CFD (computational fluid dynamics).
  • We have ready cooling solutions, but we do not focus solely on them and are ready to implement any type of cooling from any manufacturer into our solutions.
  • “Swabian precision” – our manufacturing facility is located in Baden-Württemberg, the industrial center of Germany.