A digital prototype – is a digital model of a product, used for testing of its functions and shape. The digital prototype becomes perfect as all conceptual, mechanical and electrical design data is integrated. The complete digital prototype is a virtual test sample of the final product and is used for its optimization and testing. This decreases the need for construction of costly physical test samples.

Digital prototype technology offers design, engineering and manufacturing units an opportunity to practically study the product before it becomes a reality. Using this technology manufacturers can create projects, test and optimize them, as well as control them starting from creation of a concept till the manufacturing stage. Use of a digital model during development of the project helps designers share information with the parties concerned, place products on the market more quickly and make them more and more advanced.  It becomes almost unnecessary to create costly test samples, because all tests are performed in a virtual mode.


DCMS focuses greatly on precision when performing installation and assembly. In order to eliminate risks and increase reliability of structures, welding robots, ultrasound welding quality control and laser measuring instruments are actively used.

Large units and equipment are assembled using assembly jigs, dismountable engineering solutions are used in order to ensure precision of the repeated assembly after the delivery of a complex to its installation location.