Project Description


A modular data center is a structure, which is custom designed, prepared and complete with necessary engineering infrastructure, preliminary equipped and tested at the factory.

Modular data center is the most popular and promising alternative to conventional data center structures. Apart from the fact, that construction and commissioning of a modular data center is five times faster, such solution has unsurpassed advantages in predictability, cost, quality and energy efficiency of the object. Structure of the data center offers open space, free from floor plans and architectural limitations, which allows to effectively use its whole area.

Unlike mobile data centers where each container includes the whole complex of equipment (server racks, UPS, cooling and fire extinguishing systems), each module of the modular data center usually has its own purpose. Such structure helps improve the general usability of the data center and establish security zones and an access control system, same as in conventional data centers.

Effective area of such data centers is increased due to the fact, that cooling, fire extinguishing and uninterruptible power systems are not duplicated in each module – depending on the project only total power of each system increases.

Structure of modules provides for increased roof load: a possibility to arrange a second floor or place technological equipment. A number of modules placed horizontally is not limited. Furthermore, modules can be added to existing structures as needed.

Each modular data center is individually designed for defined tasks, there is no standard design. Optionally, some characteristics of the data center can be improved, for example, fire resistance, temperature range etc. Modular data centers are intended for outdoor placement, as well as for placement inside specially prepared facilities. We assume responsibilities for implementing the project of a modular data center on a turn-key basis: selection of location area, development, design, assembly, testing, delivery, placement, commissioning, including adjustment of all utilities. Apart from that, we are not tied by obligations with any technology manufacturer, which gives us freedom in selection of necessary engineering equipment.