Project Description


 Cooling systems based on various coolants

Selection of the coolant for the cooling system depends on multiple factors. Freon based cooling systems (Direct eXpansion) are relatively cheap, highly reliable and have long service life. However, their use entails high operation costs and such systems have increased requirements for power systems and heat loads. Chilled water based systems are cheaper in operation and more flexible; they, however, are more sophisticated in respect of engineering and require more capital investments.


Precision air conditioners for data centers and server rooms

Use of precision air conditioners in cooling systems of data centers is the most popular solution. Precision air conditioners are industrial grade air conditioners used for maintenance of precise temperature and humidity air parameters in technological facilities. Such air conditioners can operate using external freon units, as well as chilled water, depending on the model. Precision air conditioners are manufactured in a wide power range, which allows to select a model with necessary power rate and size.


Direct Natural Cooling

Direct natural cooling is an extremely effective cooling method, where external air is used for cooling of equipment inside a data center. Such systems have extremely high overall cooling efficiency. Cooling machines with high power consumption in such cooling systems operate only if outdoor temperature exceeds 22°C. Exhaust heat of server rooms (30- 35°C) can be used for preliminary heating of incoming air of other auxiliary facilities.


Geothermal Cooling

It is well-known that soil and, accordingly, subsoil water temperature is, practically, independent of a season and is, approximately, 5-10°С depending on the climatic zone. This feature creates an opportunity of direct use of subsurface cold for cooling of server rooms. Cooling systems based on this principle are called geothermal. The main advantage of a geothermal system is an opportunity of direct use of subsurface cold for cooling. At the same time, electric power is only used for coolant pumping. It is possible to receive up to 50 kilowatt of cold per one kilowatt of consumed electric power. In case of presence of a body of water with sufficient volume near the data center it is possible to use it as a source of cold.


Free cooling natural cooling system

In free cooling systems coolant is chilled by external air driven by a ventilator through a radiator. Such systems have high energy efficiency and reliability. Most modern chillers are equipped with an option of switching to a free cooling mode, which allows to greatly decrease operating costs: when external temperature is low only ventilators work and when temperature increases compressors kick in.