Project Description


The container includes up to 16 racks with 42 units in each. Maximum power of each server rack is 20 kW. Optionally, racks can be movable in order to facilitate maintenance. The initial PUE ratio of such solution is 1,3, it depends on the type of coolant used in the system.


Length – 6096 mm.
Width – 2438 mm.
Height – 2896 mm.
Weight – starting from 3 tons.
Maximum number of server racks – 7 pcs.
Maximum power of data center – 140 kW (20 kW per rack).
Fire-resistance rating – F-30 – F-120 according to DIN 4102.
Operating temperature range – depending on project objectives.

Mobile Containerized Data Processing Center (MDPC) or containerized data processing center (CDPC) is a data processing center located inside a specialized transportation container with a complex of information, telecommunication and engineering infrastructure, connected with communication channels and used for data storage and processing, as well as rendering of a range of services in a designated segment of the network. Usually, equipment racks are located inside standard 20 or 40 feet ISO containers.

Containerized centers have their advantages, due to a possibility of their transportation by trucks or railroad. They can be placed near existing facilities, using the same backup generator and water supply source.

Despite only 7 server racks, which such data center can contain, it is also able to accommodate a large number of equipment and efficiently use available space thanks to a cooling system, that allows to utilize up to 20 kW of heat from each rack.