Project Description


Mobile Containerized Data Processing Center (MDPC) or containerized data processing center (CDPC) is a data processing center located inside a specialized transportation container with a complex of information, telecommunication and engineering infrastructure, connected with communication channels and used for data storage and processing, as well as rendering of a range of services in a designated segment of the network. Usually, equipment racks are located inside standard 20 or 40 feet ISO containers.

Containerized centers have their advantages, due to a possibility of their transportation by trucks or railroad. They can be placed near existing facilities, using the same backup generator and water supply source.


A custom size mobile data center (with dimensions differing from standard transportation containers) – is a specially designed modular system, developed in order to increase data center’s capacity and efficiency without any loss of mobility and scalability. These structures are designed specifically for defined tasks and equipped with various types of cooling and uninterruptible power supply systems. Such data centers can be used both “in the field” and as additional modules to existing data centers. These modules are ready for use inside and outside of existing facilities, as well as in construction of own data center buildings.