Project Description

Clean rooms

Clean room is a facility where size and quantity of such particles as dust, microorganisms, aerosols and chemical vapors is maintained within a predefined range per cubic meter of air. If necessary, other parameters can also be controlled inside them, such as humidity, pressure and temperature. Such facilities are usually constructed and operated in a way, allowing to reduce inflow, generation and accumulation of such particles in the facility to the minimum.

In general, clean rooms include the following basic elements:

  • Enclosing wall structures (frames, blind and glass wall panels, doors, windows);
  • Airtight paneled and cassette ceilings with built-in spotlights;
  • Anti-static floors;
  • Air treatment system (inflow, exhaust and recirculation ventilation units, air intake equipment, air distributors with final filters, air regulation equipment, sensors and automated elements, etc.);
  • Utilities control system;
  • Airlocks;
  • Pass boxes;
  • Filtering and ventilation modules for arrangement of clean areas inside clean rooms;

Design, construction and commissioning requirements for clean rooms in Russia are regulated by GOST R ISO 14644-4-2002. DCMS offers construction of clean rooms of any cleanliness grade, unlimited area, of modular or portable design. Clean room utilities are equipped with the most advanced control systems.